Frequently Asked Questions

SOEZI ™ Press-on nails are amazing! You can have great nails in minutes. And you can wear them for only one day or for up to two weeks – you decide. It’s in your control!

Our nails are EZI to put on – EziON™ and EZI to take off- EziOFF™.

They are EZI :

  • on your pocket
  • on your time
  • on your nailbed
  • to DIY so you can glam up (anytime, anywhere!)

SOEZI™ makes your life better!

If you are good to them, they can last up to 2 weeks using our SOEZI™Ezi ON™SuperStrong Nail Glue.

If you want to wear the SOEZI™ press-on nails for only a day, use the great adhesive tabs in both the SOEZI™ Application Kit & the SOEZI™ Ready to Wear Kit.

Yes, it is SOEZI™! Check out our link for the steps –

Relax, it is SOEZI™ to wear our nails for 1 day OR 10 days! We got you!

There really isn’t a press-on nail that is waterproof. But our SOEZI™ SuperStrong Nail Glue will make sure the nails stay put as long as possible.

Our nails fit everyone. We offer 24 nail tips in the SOEZI™ Application Kit & in the SOEZI™ Ready to Wear Kit. These 24 tips are a combination of universal tip sizes.

It’s always SOEZI™ with our nails!

Important question! Pick a style that fits your daily grind – then match it up with the shape and length that works for you. if you are going to use them short-term for a fabulous party, you can go wild. Surf our site. and find your perfect match for every fabulous occasion.

SOEZI™ Application Kit:

    • 24 nail tips (UNIVERSAL SIZES)
    • 7.5 G EziON™ SuperStrong Nail Glue
    • 01 strips adhesive tabs
    • 01 SOEZI™ Nail Filer (Uh – non disposable of-course, we want SOEZI™ to be with you for a while!)
    • 7.5 G EziOFF™ Nourish & Restore Nail Glue Remover
    • 01 SOEZI™ Nail Buffer
    • 02 wood cuticle sticks
    • PS: Try the SOEZI™Application Kit to enjoy the full benefits of the SOEZI™experience.

You will thank yourself if you do!

SOEZI™ Ready to Wear Kit:

  • 24 nail tips (UNIVERSAL SIZES)
  • 03 strips adhesive tabs
  • 02 wood cuticle sticks

Important to know! Our SOEZI™EziON™ SuperStrong Nail Glue is actually good for nail extension and repair. while our EziOFF™ Nourish & Restore Nail Glue Remover both nourishes & restores your natural nails. It also has less odor and causes no irritation.

Gel finish press-on tips are tips created by using gel polish which is cured in a UV curing machine. 

They do not chip as normal polish and give a fuller look.

Yes. SOEZI™ press-on nails can easily be reused and yet still look as if they are brand new.

First, remove them from your natural nail without damaging them.

If you have stored them from your previous use- ensure they are clean.
Next, remove any glue from the nail.

Then, re-apply. Presto!

Have a question or concern? We are here for you! 
You can email us at [email protected] OR What’s App us at (+91) 93216 78062. We are closed on Fridays. We shall attend to your email and messages on the next working day. 
You can also reach out to us on What’s App directly from this website too!

Unfortunately, due to hygiene reasons, we can’t.
But if for some reason you received the wrong nails, hit us up on email ( [email protected] ) OR
What’s App (+91) 93216 78062 & we will be happy to make sure you are sent the right ones.

SOEZI™ press on nails are dispatched within 2 days upon receiving your order (Yes, the SOEZI™ press on nails are handmade with love for you!) & shipped 2-5 business days once dispatched.

For international buyers- SOEZI™ press on nails are dispatched within 2 days . The shipping time and cost would reflect upon checkout.


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